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Annuit cœptis

in Culture

You lose the argument concerning “identity politics” when you note the former and long standing de facto motto of these United States was “E pluribus unum’ …Well, the quintessential act ………..

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The Coda Code

in Sundries

He wrote in Latin. He wrote in Greek. He wrote in new speak, cowpoke, screenplay, urban contemporary, and small church in the valley bulletin. He wrote exoterically to fool others. ………..

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Short Hauling

in Prose Poems

Bored with my toys, I bounce over to talk with you, but your commitment to communicate still broken. But you smile awhile. And grin through your gin and tonic. Less ………..

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in Poetry

Somewhere someone plans a spring offensive somewhere someone young will die the old will be bled and babies force marched through a warmer gentler April Where bombs will concuss bullets ………..

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Indirect Lighting

in Flash Fiction

Her “Lake Effect Snow Suite For Ukulele” sold well enough…for science fiction. At lunch her agent suggested a course correction. She agreed, calling back their waitperson, swapping and just on ………..

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