Marty Made Me Write This.

Sorry ‘bout the delay in getting back, (Marty) ya’ll. But trying to parse the 100 proof of today’s politics requires that aforementioned bourbon pour, and after five three fingers in four hours, I’ve been clued that Coda Puppy and I, now, somehow, seem to age at the same rate. What was once just another night of some mid-shelf everyday sippin’ whiskey, now locks me down for a full twenty-four.

And to further whore my amateur bore… of the true way that our politics be…I offer for your consideration …. Young Paul the Tall and his very pretty, smart, and caring, Girl Next Door, Mary Ann. They’ve been best friends forever…since Radio Shack sold computers. Now in their early to mid twenties, and with spring in the…our young man’s fancy…Paul turns not to his Mary Ann. Paul’s hero’s journey is to score a walk down the aisle with his Ginger. She, Ginger, is what Paul, our hero, really WANTS.

OK…all surmise here, ( Marty) Gang, but bear with me. Narrative Fiction and Story theory, while variations abound.. a general consensus does seem to suggest that the transformation of the hero occurs when our protagonist realizes that the key to his journey is not to acquire what he WANTS, but to recognize what he NEEDS. In this case his true, and long time, love, our Mary Ann.

(O.K. point of clarification, our Paul, could have wanted revenge, but became our hero when he realized that what he needed was justice.)

Now (Marty), all you heroes, while you ponder that, let me go full Gilligan on ya. Let’s return to the campaign, in fact, not that far back, how ‘bout with Trump, just this week, at a “rally” near Pittsburg.

Throughout the campaign, pundits were screaming about why did.., what’s with, how come, the Trump continually uses The Rolling Stones’, You Can’t Always Get What You Want, as a campaign rally song. In fact the closing campaign song.

No, you can’t always get what you want
You can’t always get what you want
You can’t always get what you want
But if you try sometime you find
You get what you need

Now again, with narrative fiction and story theory. If the protagonist gets what he Wants, that’s not a happy ending. It is, according to the theory…a Tragedy.

Happy Endings come, when you get what ya NEED.

The irony here is as thick as a tick on some hound dog’s hindquarters. And those Trump Jumpers were played to the max. Hell, maybe we all were.

Not all, but many of Donald’s supporters, see the whole damn world as only tribulation, while unable to conjure the other side of the magic. That being, that all people are capable of being heroic, exactly because of our universal, yet inherently personal, tragic nature.

Yes, it’s reads as revision, but there may have been some very bright, sophisticated, and highly cynical folks, who we still know nothing about, who actually ran the 2016 Trump campaign.

You buyin’ any of  this stuff, (Marty) my fellow Americans.

Meme a Theme…me, me , me, me,

I’m close to full stop, come the news after sundown. But those fourth estate hounds, it being happy hour and all, are fed scrap after flap of Trump this or that, which spins my amateur poet pose on a damn D.C dime, and I’m forced to pirouette and sash shay some dilettantish political punditry.

Let me pour a bourbon.

Now if that first paragraph doesn’t clue you to the punishment inherent in thinking about politics then you be my kind of player.

Because, politics, in the main, is a bad play. A narrative offered without a theme. Because governance, the plot points of politics, is just one event after another. Grunt-work. The trash picked up. Timely public transportation. A nation’s defense staffed and paid for. Taxes collected. Disputes adjudicated, with property and civil rights protected. The free speech. That one person, one vote.

Now, I’m purposely mixing metaphors of making a fiction and managing facts to better illustrate what politics is now about.

The why of a story’s success is that an author has successfully camouflaged, within the telling of events, a universal theme with accompany motifs that humans recognize, and react to; truth will out, greed is good, death hunts us all, family first, fear the stranger, love conquers all, etc, etc.

Individual agency is the key to a democratic republic. (Much to Tocqueville’s chagrin.)

You, yes you, Ms. and  Mr. America, overlay your own universal themes over the day to day goings on of our collective political story.

Your biases, my prejudices, all our upbringing and upkeep, fix our star, and light, or dim, our collective understandings of the underlying and necessary themes of our nation.

Now, subject all that to the data mining algorithm, which can’t, given the current state of the art, appreciate how the human heart keeps ticking, in spite of the having to acknowledge and even appreciate our inherent and collective tragic nature. How that algorithm tends and trends to dismiss the irony of our death defying wish, a proof that one of our universal human themes is, love does conquers all.

Recall Trump’s inaugural speech. How dark he saw the nation. How starless and dank our shinning city on the hill. How small his vision, how fully he filled the void of our failure to acknowledge, out loud, our tragic nature, and how quick he was to point that out and take advantage.

It took Shakespeare four plays to write a tragedy. As that universal theme, tragedy, is not for the delicate or uninitiated. Not today, or for decades, has tragedy served best sellers or box office.

But it goes to show, we always need a healthy toe-tap with the Devil. To do what humans do; out dance our due.

Because it’s better we return to an understanding and appreciation of the tragic, than watch the GOP embrace and signature all that Trump makes apocryphal, which, by the by, could damn certain suggest to us all;  the lie that could be made true. Apocalypse.

Tip the waitstaff, I’m off to get a fourth bourbon.

Coup De Maître

Y-5-capYou do know that the Senate is the least democratic of all vote getting institutions in our Republic, right? And you do know that on it’s final say, the United States Senate can can tell The Donald to hit that highway? You’re Fired!

And you are aware of the number of blue seats Democrats must defend this “blue” wave cycle?  It’s a  mammoth number compared to Mitch’s minions.  And you do realize that this A.M., our POTUS pout tweeted his way into political purgatory with a let there be light  Genesis proffer of his genius ways.

And Mitch said, “ All is good,  Mr. and Mrs Collar County Conservative. I’ve got this. The fool  has taken too big a bite from The  Tree Of Knowledge, and I have his apples in my pocket. And, he will sign any righteous legislation I set before him.