Tread A Measure

this pirouette with a pestilencethis bop with the blightin tempo lightly scoredby a guiding light refrainof recurrent disaster capital promenade all PPEto times nine of market value mist and frisk and dismissventilators

I Got Them Fake Blues, Absolutely

Headlines have made me a head caseNewscast are dispatching the mopesa dose of morose and dolefulnessand analytics are erasing all hopes But the powers that be assure methat my jitters don’t jibe


I fret when I feelthe verse too rehearsedthe line too on timethe abstract too exact—or an interior rhyme toorefine, sublime, or—one trick tony I pony up to runon the rail—thenafraid to fail,


Mission Statement 2020

Coin flip the alliterations; politics in a pervasiveculture in a contagionpersuasiom in a pandemicpromise in a pestilenceideology in an infirmityfranchise in an infectionrepublic in a rampanttally without a tenet NaPoWriMo April 2020.

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