Angry Ambience

sultry is insufficient by a bevy of degrees in evoking this roasting six months removed from hosting that brittle polar vortex Don’t bay that it’s but the season or essay an excuse for extremes It’s too late for...

A Mess To Decompress

  In order to compose a melodrama I suppose one needs an exorbitant villain something akin to my macro outsized ego that forever entertains it’s just all about me And In order to disclose one’s failings I depose...

Ex-Pat in Patent Leather

I should have run for the border when I spied this New Order, but we all shy from circumstance and segue And all things being equal, which they never are I could have gotten far, and enough away to procure a practical...


I’m quick to run from the writing prompt to backhand the muse and skim porn on Tumblr and yell at the puppy who plopped on the floor making the turntable skip so I couldn’t quite decipher that lyric I’m stealing and...

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