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Bridging The Gulf

For Snz: ….Her six words… jetpack, crooner, shapeshift, biscuit, chalet, sly Bridging The Gulf It was a jetpack junket nothing sly about a G-5 a special interest shapeshift of a … Keep Reading

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Annuit cœptis

You lose the argument concerning “identity politics” when you note the former and long standing de facto motto of these United States was “E pluribus unum’ …Well, the quintessential act … Keep Reading

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Conversational Implicature

Next to my e-cigarette lay (lies) a mini tootsie roll pop. Cherry Flavor. And I don’t call my virtual assistant by her given name, as I don’t scrimp on understanding … Keep Reading

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One Run Away

Now when Mark the bartender, bought off the bet for five hundred dollars, the others knew, no matter what, that I had won. Here’s how it worked. After five innings … Keep Reading

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who shakes the rattle

the shallow end of our grievance pool stokes the backstroke, floats the prattle- of the bespoke fool who shakes the rattle at a brood stock high and low with the … Keep Reading

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Holy Baksheesh Batman

Would someone advise the head of state to muscle up a muted moment A quiet minute- one singular Silent Night Strong that would be, a showing of spirited strength seasonally … Keep Reading

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