Potential PodCast Window

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codaDepending on your Web Browser and how you have it configured, the top menu triggered this page to open in a new tab or window. I’m considering chirping about the rush of current events that will come our way this new year and with a new political administration taking power.

So at left is the, “came with the platform” Audio Player that I would use to stream my prospective and discursive shout outs to all the new blood now ruling and running the joint.

Currently the player is populated by a mix of way pass due date senior citizen toe-taps and old fool somnolence. This is just a test. It’s all possible but contingencies abound. We shall see what we hear here.

* Why the new tab or window. Moving from post or page stops the player. This way you can listen while cursing about or simple exit the new tab or window if you choose.




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