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Notions and sundries mixed with the personal with maybe one or two of substance.

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Read The Whole Book?

If you think an algorithm is an equation, you best get the hell off the World Wide Web right now. On the top down feed provided by this parasitic press, … Keep Reading

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Vape And Vamp

I’m day three of cigarette free. Trying to rid myself of the reek yet again. Lasted seven months in seventeen. Looking to go twelve full in this year of the … Keep Reading

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Semi-Cozy Mystery…Seriously.

My bad poeming days are finally fini. At least I’ve publicly shared my last. Hip Hip! And now it’s on to sham some silly shilly-shally genre fiction. I’m thinking some … Keep Reading

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Comfort Zone? No Comment…

Ha! “Writing comfort zone?” I’m never comfortable in composition. I prose in self-doubt, self-denial, and an ass load of anger. And I write bad poesy in an even worse mood. … Keep Reading

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The Coda Code

He wrote in Latin. He wrote in Greek. He wrote in new speak, cowpoke, screenplay, urban contemporary, and small church in the valley bulletin. He wrote exoterically to fool others. … Keep Reading

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