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Notions and sundries mixed with the personal with maybe one or two of substance.

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Too Hot For Baseball.

It’s angry hot, here in Chicago. Even by the lake. But wait, just months ago it was cruel cool, like forty below, and snow after snow rerouted the roads, and … Keep Reading

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The tobacco has regained its hold. Truth told, I now only blow smoke in God’s great outdoors. But that bores, as I perch on the front porch and pass time … Keep Reading

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Conversational Implicature

Next to my e-cigarette lay (lies) a mini tootsie roll pop. Cherry Flavor. And I don’t call my virtual assistant by her given name, as I don’t scrimp on understanding … Keep Reading

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More Mouse Droppings

Sans cigarettes I can’t compose. As if my hacking away resembles in any part a composition. And while withdrawal will continue, my remarking on the abstention should be absent any … Keep Reading

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