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Prose Poems - page 2

Word Slinging For The Suckers. And given the circumstance, I suggest that includes us all.

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Short Hauling

Bored with my toys, I bounce over to talk with you, but your commitment to communicate still broken. But you smile awhile. And grin through your gin and tonic. Less … Keep Reading

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Working Both Sides Of The Street

What conjures more Hit-Whore than a Poet? The back-door semaphore of an Amateur Political Tout. Some Beltway bystander ready with last week’s drive-by in full auto-Pontus-pilot pout… with clean hands … Keep Reading

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Liquored up and quiet as a lawyered up Saturday night suspect… When some Sunday morning radio reformer is giving witness to the ways of the Devil..including/ the product placement possibilities … Keep Reading

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