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Prose Poems

Word Slinging For The Suckers. And given the circumstance, I suggest that includes us all.

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Vox Pop

The Grid vibes Old Testament. Too tabularly tribal. Too personal. Too punishing. Too eye for an I. Locke and logic. Like a pre-Socratic scrum moving toward a signal… mistaken for … Keep Reading

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Superannuated Scribbling

… versifyin’ and signifyin’ about the hue, and fool me fool you; of these fallacious and fallow times. Seeing it all in black and white presently, I post hesitantly. Aware … Keep Reading

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Simon Says …Simony.

According to the powers that be this theme is tagged as being best for beginners. Well, so be it. Because I have come to believe that blogging to assay has … Keep Reading

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