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Where The doggerel barks

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WazzUp Once Removed

the News is my new Muse faking, shaking, breaking the very foundation of the whys and what for of words weaponized to wow the now and kowtow current connotation to … Keep Reading

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I heel and toe and left and right into overabundant afternoons of March; and after the bloom… a longish lunch. With initial lies launched, as the besotted has been deported … Keep Reading

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I should start with a prissy poem or a hissy fit or face the fact that woke words trend and to that end privilege this word over your parlance and … Keep Reading

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Known Bug

KNOWN BUG Where did I put my acumen? Where did I shelve my skills? Ditto the deftness and dexterity along with knack and know how. But what I’ve really lost … Keep Reading

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It’s not the twilight of memory that worries me or the foot speed that prat-falls at a canter nor the Heave Ho effort for so paltry a pulmonary response It’s … Keep Reading

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OK… Two Bad Poems

Anachronism is my poeming BitCoin. I inflate value and hack away at any old saw to dust up the notion that the bit and byte is only for the nascent. … Keep Reading

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Exemplar With A Due Date

I’ve out-sourced the well being of my immortal soul to a Bible inerrant in Biloxi She Church goes Bible Studies beseeches petitions hand- wrings Psalm sings refrains from vice dice … Keep Reading

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Why The Dream

If I were one to thunder the end of the world by proxy the last Sun rise by fiat a disappearance of here and now might ad hoc memories matter … Keep Reading

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Taking A Bite Of The Unabated

I can’t recall poemin’ about the orphanage (wards of the state are prone to dropping Gs) and please stash the solicitude and sympathies as decades have washed the Dickens out … Keep Reading

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I want to write a serious farce, not a farce seriously. I’m looking to have fun saying something interesting with misdirection and subtext..whatever the hell that really is. The wad … Keep Reading

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Cross Walk

Cross Walk Opting out is not the opposite of opting in switch simple like a toggle nor boisterous as a mission statement the rank and file is not what I … Keep Reading

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Late For Class

it’s sunshine simple, this dark that rises and realizes that riot is not the only way everyday sad will suffice to attest to the regress inherent in a people’s democracy, … Keep Reading

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