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Where The doggerel barks

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who shakes the rattle

the shallow end of our grievance pool stokes the backstroke, floats the prattle- of the bespoke fool who shakes the rattle at a brood stock high and low with the … Keep Reading

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Holy Baksheesh Batman

Would someone advise the head of state to muscle up a muted moment A quiet minute- one singular Silent Night Strong that would be, a showing of spirited strength seasonally … Keep Reading

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Another little black dress Xmas mixer but my intoxicant ,straight up a sin at these shindigs It now seems as the hostess eyeballs my lack of a highball But, I … Keep Reading

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harp or Hark!sums Holiday verse a past purse of orders shipped via Yesteryear’s credit To re-edit recharge Inflated memories with the new currencyof a present purchased-a subscription of tradition, the … Keep Reading

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A Guy’s Guide To Bundling

Boxes packed Act as partition A beg pardon Of inefficiently And content Is contingent on the mood That denoted MISC. As T-shirts snuggle With Blue tooth speakers, grimace- gadgets are … Keep Reading

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A Slab Of Metrical Metal

old means old is fine with me the new computer being unfamiliar, mine in name only sitting lonely, near two micro (stereo) speakers awaiting a blue tooth baptism still absent … Keep Reading

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Endow, Somehow.

My angry old man merit badges, now too easily won abundant the last of which I’ve already forgotten which maddens all the more a proof profligate that memories serve bankrupt, … Keep Reading

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NO sweat, this deliquesce as this summer Sunday evaporates the ice in my rocks glass, weeps. For me? my thirst overleveraged a drought in arrears, and as for a pity … Keep Reading

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and now a word from our sponsor

watching old gameshows via hdtv signal free, I seek a sign as is my frequency having been told repeatedly, I need to channel something, if even, the odd wrong answer … Keep Reading

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les étés chauds sont la règle ici

No. The meek will not inherit the earth or habitat in heaven, or experience the nightlife in Havana… as they can’t see the savanna from their sub-topical pleas that mistakes … Keep Reading

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A Platform Specific Poem

like “Likes” here in their latency to appear, I fear a script writ in conflict I’d wait out what hesitates and remain mute to the matter, but my patter speaks … Keep Reading

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The First Line Is A Lie.

First. No new verse, to out on the net. Why should the Web dine free? My poem is me. And as pretentious as that reads, the bit and byte has … Keep Reading

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