I Have A Dog Named Coda

I’m too old for this
as only the very serious
excites me as the previous
hymns too dim these days,

and on Spotify I petrify
singing along to the songs
that once stoned me,
an erstwhile high of bye bye

those delights, now not quite
tied tight, yet wound to wound
homogeneously, a tuning fork
reverberant in the twilight

Just Say No, To That Cup Of Joe.

I download the xml to key
new poetry
into… which site is it…
two, or three
and needlessly
as site 2 or three
is seldom open
and that brings me to

which, like the poetry
is a jones
that bemoans a public
to which I have no rebuttal
but to suggest that our sins
have a time stamp
and what vamps us today
tramps us tomorrow

and I hear a collective
tick then tock
a counting down
(can you hear it)
on the social acceptability
of the habit-forming
consumption of caffeine…
you fiend

And a Good Morning, to you too.

*an xml is a file to move content to another wordpress platform site


A decade in as a widower
Marty has a date tonight
after a five-year friendship that
may soon bloom, as a May December

Marty, smartly, has rebuttals at the ready
as he remembers his parents’ admonitions,
bellowed forty or so years ago, Marty…
you are just too young to marry.