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Flash Fiction - page 2

Seems this form of prose is forever a orphan of a trending moment. But I label this little bastard of the short story, Micro-Fiction, if that helps.

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She chose the name Parker. She liked Dorothy’s pithiness. That, and when not working, Parker wore glasses. And tonight, she wore but an outsized, dark cardigan, and mid-brow high heels. … Keep Reading

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The Canary’s Lullaby.

For two years, thereabouts, she fronted the Christian rock band, “Holy Hocus Pocus.” Then, she simply disappeared. After a sabbatical in Seattle, she claimed, she sang for her supper in … Keep Reading

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Indirect Lighting

Her “Lake Effect Snow Suite For Ukulele” sold well enough…for science fiction. At lunch her agent suggested a course correction. She agreed, calling back their waitperson, swapping and just on … Keep Reading

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our thoughts go out to

The ad guy didn’t have a good year. His wife divorced him. His mistress dismissed him, and his only child returned from “The Front” in parts. Unable to compose a … Keep Reading

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A Beltway Fan Fiction from the later time of the  GW  Bush administration. She found me at the Ritz Carlton, Chicago. I was having a drink and eyeing the gams … Keep Reading

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