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because it’s all downstream

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Don’t Follow This Blog.

This is a custom theme. Made more custom by the fact that it doesn’t seem to play well with this “fork” of the blog/cms platform. But that’s not … Keep Reading

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Marty Made Me Write This.

Sorry ‘bout the delay in getting back, (Marty) ya’ll. But trying to parse the 100 proof of today’s politics requires that aforementioned bourbon pour, and after five three fingers in … Keep Reading

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Menu, Or Bill Of Warfare

Like most of you, I spent a fair share of yesterday reading the Senate Judiciary Committee testimony of Glenn Simpson. A PDF encapsulation of nine hours of back and forth … Keep Reading

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Empire State Bourbon?

A quarter way through Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury and I must say it’s much more than just dish and diss on the Trump administration. It’s a sidebar tour of … Keep Reading

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Judge Roy Bean from Queens

You ever caught a Federal beef. An indictment that reads, The People of The United States versus…you. Think about it. Consider all the resources and personnel the government is able … Keep Reading

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Annuit cœptis

You lose the argument concerning “identity politics” when you note the former and long standing de facto motto of these United States was “E pluribus unum’ …Well, the quintessential act … Keep Reading

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Some New And Old Political Shinola

I enjoy politics because I enjoy process and policy. Governance. While there is truth in the now tried, true and, trite cliché: politics is showbiz for ugly people, but what’s … Keep Reading

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