Mission Statement 2020

Coin flip the alliterations; politics in a pervasiveculture in a contagionpersuasiom in a pandemicpromise in a pestilenceideology in an infirmityfranchise in an infectionrepublic in a rampanttally without a tenet NaPoWriMo April 2020.

Garter Belt Blues

(Given the mattress name-checked here, this past NaPoWriMo effort goes back pretty deep into the last decade.) I seldom do prompts. But I’ve notice some poeming to a Blues Song thing. O.K.

Patience Zero

I can no longer pasteurize every purchase,each utterance, all the sufferance of thisfrothy Spring. We can witness a real time terrorist camp take downbut have no room in the situation room to

Raisin Toast And A Rising Temperature

No new poem today. Feeling a bit under the weather. Which is pandemic talk for; one foot in the grave. But fear not, I’ve always been a fan of hyperbole….The loveliest, most

Dry Snitch

Lock down ain’t new for meAnd knew I’d be back to jailin’come week three Pre-teen and up riverI was in a young stir,crazy, things were-and odds rose dailyby my mere presenceI’d graduate

cartes du jour

Circular is my cynicism and calorie consumptionI handle updates of the body countbetter before breakfastCurrently, an English muffin and dicedfruit swimming in a diminutive plasticaquarium sealed to punish the arthritic Which hints

Me Minus Tags

Natch, tags aren’t working, so this postingrhymes with so what, orwhat for, oreyes only Natch, NaPoWriMo as a tag, ears somewhatsub rosa-alphabetically cabbalistic, a bithush-hush- So why rush some poesy, when the