About Until April 2017

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Come April of Seventeen this “blog” becomes post-premium. And, as of now, I not going to renew. And about the lovely but simple template used here, I’ve decided to also pass on the option to showboat some sizzle as my stake in the premium theme bundle fizzles but in days, and again, I’m opting out of continuing that upgrade.

But this theme is more than capable in trafficking the falderal and doggerel I’m parking here in preparation of moving all past and current post to an elsewhere.

And a link to that elsewhere is provided here, oh so creatively, and artfully denoted in the top menu as, “My Main Site.” And note how the nifty drop down(s) also connote specific categories at said “Main Site.” And all those links should open in a new window.

I’ve been posting on the internet for over twenty years and I feel the need now to best archive some of that effort in the  way of my choosing. And elsewhere better allows that.

While far from finished, it’s at least underway.

And thanks for reading.


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