I’ve been posting here for over a decade. So why am I shuttering this site and returning to self hosting. Because I want a new domain. And to better control the ever increasing updates and options flowing into this “CMS; this content management system.

And while I’ve never had, nor really desired a large readership, I do want to be able to key specific types of content to particular types of readers, and do so to the granular-even single reader level. And I would like to better integrate forums and other venues of exchange. All that is plugin intensive and better managed and maintained locally.

Basically, an old man’s swan song return to my pre-www dial-up BBS “bulletin board system,” days and the being “on-line” attitude of Gee Whiz…it works!

And that’s a lockdown like labor intensive undertaking that will require some thought, a bit of bucks, focus, and a revisiting and updating of some old skills meshed with some new tools and understandings that I have, but have yet to fully utilize and refine. I need to shake some rust off. And come up with a small amount of dough.


OK, and it’s a late start on a ploy to keep the plague and politics away, but it’s better than and probably more fulfilling than Rabbit Hole number two.

But…that damn Squirrel!

Let me preface. I currently have multiple computational devices. Too damn many, with some being “pro” tools to boot And they are recent and rapid and routed with software routinely updated and maintenance maintained. More than capable to handle the above project.

But they ain’t the Squirrel!

The Squirrel is an M1 SOC, or System on a Chip. And it’s revolutionary.

See Below.

The Squirrel

I just don’t want to bench test one of those M1 Squirrels, I want to run all three of these rodents on a hamster wheel right damn now. Not tomorrow, not next week, now. I just can’t believe these numbers. These machines are 1st generation entry level devices basically being mass consumer beta tested and yet, out of the box, blitzing some of my pro tools. Silly Rabbit, this can’t be true.

Speaking of out of the box, how about an unboxing video of these SOC critters. I spend a lot of time on this kinda stuff. Hey, it’s a way to pass these plague days. And it’s fun to watch the different takes and try to decipher who might be on the take…for the Jake.. right? My cynicism a certain, I wouldn’t feature a video by anyone that I felt would straight up try to mislead you.

$4000 for all of ’em…Squirrel!

A four Grand Squirrel. Go for it, it screams. I got the monitors and the keyboards to plug and play that Mac-Mini right out of the box. And would truly love that gold MacBook Air. I’m so tried of gloom and doom Space Gray.

And God and Steve Jobs both know that I’m tied into that Apple Eco System, but hey, macOS just bumped to 11 with an iPad like redesign and I’ve been having work flow hiccups for a couple of updates…so it’s time I return to individual best practices and make these old Intel dogs really mush, while I remaster operating systems, software, and app updates that I’ve downloaded but have yet to get down and dirty with. Which brings me back to why I need to go shelf-hosted. But first, let’s hear Luke’s take on that damn Squirrel.

Which Rabbit Hole?

I’ve been on-line a long time. SNZ got through law school by taking breaks and playing platform games that I would downloaded from DOS based bulletin boards prior to the WWW. I subscribed to Boardwatch. I ran a BBS or two. I was quick to handcraft HTML before the WEB went wild. And early to stream music on my websites, in real audio, via a paid hosting service who did a damn good job of encoding. We would often listen during dinner, amazed at the stereo quality of our streams at, believe this, 56k dial up. Then, with DSL, I played with video on the web. And years before Facebook, opened early attempts at community type sites, as well as micro blogging things, and the early and odd CMS here and there.

So, I might be nuts, but forget about that Squirrel. Enough of being the early adopter. Four a tenth of the cost of those three Squirrels, I can try to old school the work flow then go and build, for me, something new.

This Young Tech Guy Has Over 12…thats 12 Million Followers

Thanks for sticking with this.

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