Comment Without Context 312

OH My.

I sympathize with your sentiments and appreciate your cautious optimism, but I fear we are all in for an extended conflict.

It’s a cultural struggle scripted in the main by income and wealth inequality, storyboarded with a freighted and arguably sinful history, then typecast by political grifters who couch ’their” players as the only “true” patriots.

It’s political theater, oppressively absurd.

And it’s never curtains and the only thing certain is that a bevy of bad actors will occupy the stage and stomp upon those boards in hope of bringing down the entire edifice and efficacy of our republic. The plays their thing.

Watch carefully the Democrat’s intramural kerfuffle; progressive versus centrist.

And watch for the GOP’s brand new grassroots/AstroTurf Tea Party clone to green-shoot and start shouting by spring to give cover to a GOP Senate’s scorched earth-ism.

And watch the career path of Stacey Abrams. A player with once in a generation political skills.

Power To The Peeps.

  1. Fortunately, I live in Canada and can tune out. Though the story is instructive and I’m not saying it couldn’t happen here, for the moment our leaders are sane and I must preserve my sanity, too by turning off the teevee and stepping away from the screen. Books and music shall be our salvation, if we remember how to read and listen.

    1. Thanks…Yep, I can still toe tap and turn a page or two…but I admit it lacks the rhythm of my rip and read to the bass line days…songs ain’t as sweet via earphones… text translates differently via the e-reader…and reading at the bar, in Jukebox tempo, is most likely a no go for me forever…thanks Susanne.

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