Too Close To Call For Alcohol

Early evening, too early election returns, and too damn early to hit the bottle.

I might moonshine when Carolina matters, white lighting when Georgia comes around, and tell that metaphorical bartender in Texas… “just leave the bottle.”

The point here is it’s still early. And I’m passing time by multiplexing the tally venues. From Bloomberg to the BBC, to AP, MSNBC, legacy air T.V. and glancing on-line at WAPO, NYT, and the WSJ. And Hey…even scanning Murdoch and company.

Am I happy with what I’m seeing? I don’t know. I’ve been numb to numbers
for seven months. Since Covid-19. I will say this, like all things now, politics during a pandemic feels less centered, certain, and subject to go instant and insanely viral.

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2 thoughts on “Too Close To Call For Alcohol”

  1. Bill says:

    Well done. And now we know more.

    1. r.douglas says:

      That we do, Bill.

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