1ST & 3RD & NO OUT

Been reading Lester Bangs and Isaiah Berlin. The former for some going, gone, gonzo. The latter for pushback on English romantics and German nihilist. And for further enlightenment, I picked up forty or so of my shirts from the laundry…medium starch.

And as appetite has deserted me, my need for nicotine has become chronic. Wait. Wait. I don’t want to hear any boo-hissin’ from those in a country that have dismissed the coronavirus to the tune of 70,000 new infections a day.
But you Foreigners can take a shot. That’s fair.

And our dog is on his last legs. Losing weight, and more often I’m having to help him lift his hind quarters. He’s been our puppy for a decade. His name is Coda. Our last dog. We love him. And if our veterinarian doesn’t relax his shop’s current pandemic protocols, Coda too, will die without family present. I think I can get around that. But it’s just another damn awful circumstance to think about and prepare for.

They be saying-Play Ball-be just around the corner. I say, LOOK IN YOUR OTHER HAND… YOU GOTTA GOLD WATCH.

MLB “wishful thinking.”

See Ya.

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6 thoughts on “1ST & 3RD & NO OUT”

  1. trE says:

    I hate to read about Coda’s decline. He and Jernee are about the same age, and I keep praying, “Please don’t let anything serious happen to her right now.” It’s already a hassle just to get her in for her annual exam and yearly shots. I truly hope Coda finds easement and you guys do along with him as well. This pandemic is getting on my last nerve.

    1. r.douglas says:

      Coda will be just fine, as I’m sure Jernee will. Thanks so much, and I hear that very last nerve is the base root of our resiliency.

      1. trE says:

        You’re most welcome and thank you!

  2. LA says:

    Sorry about your dog. We lost our dog last month.💗

    1. r.douglas says:

      I’m so sorry, LA.

      1. LA says:

        Thank you

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