Throughout history, politicians, industry leaders, CEO’s —-Oh what the hell-Bigwigs Large and small have skewed language to sidestep their responsibility for public policy failures both titanic and pothole small.

And then governance will hack-work language to stall the squawking masses’ concern with how said circumstance came to be with the trash talk “commonsense” nostrum; Now is not the time for politics, blame, or finger pointing. We’re in this shit together so shut the fuck up and start shoveling. And while you’re working up a sweat, leadership will do the heavy lifting of reminder all the people that our thoughts and prayers are with them.

Granted, when the fecal matter initially hits the fan, it may not be optimal to sit a spell and after action report on how the big stink blossomed. But shame on you if you don’t question subsequent government actions solely because a chorus of “no finger pointing” is continually being orchestrated by the powers that be.

If the shit your shoveling is being trucked up hill and you figure, come rain, sure as shoot, it will roll back down, use “your’ commonsense and exercise your civic duty and say something. Politicians trying to shovel all under the rug for as long they can, count on confusing what constitutes one’s civic duty by stifling discussion on how in the hell did this happen. They use fear to make a fetish of “no finger pointing,” and use “thoughts and prayers” to make major policy failures feel like an act of God.

We’re over 30 days in. Over 600 dead. Our government is making life and death decision hourly, and many are still suggesting that decisions being made now should be, in essence, consequence free, for now.

Not me. Yesterday , in response to another’s post, I disagreed:

“This is, no fooling, an existential circumstance, and the life and death decisions to come, made by the leaders of our country, are being made in my name, your name, our name. So you’re damn right, when the need be, I’m gonna point fingers and assign blame.”

Here’s the Governor of New York. He’s finger pointing, shaming and blaming certain policies and actions of The Feds and FEMA. Doing his damn job, and his civic duty. More power to him.

    1. this ain’t no 6 to five and pick’em prop bet, RiverDame…this is about coming up Aces, and you’ve always done that, judi. luv

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