Ipad @ 1xPad

More bits and bytes
as the BS adds up
to the throw down
ante up of that abacus
of an Apple tax
that will wax
and wane as I whine
and howl at that moon
hiding behind
I Cloud


Actually, I think that entry level 2019 7th gen 10.2 inch iPad was the tech buy of this holiday season. And when paired with that Brydge bluetooth keyboard it works just fine for me in my landscape text driven, doggerel given, bad poeming universe.

And a recent fork of the iOS …for iPad, now better allows file management, with web browsing full blown, and with semi-accessible third party peripheral options, I thought this device  worth a look.

And for the Apple tax. I went 3rd party and saved a nickel or two. The aluminum keyboard I’m using adds about a pound, and still feels more portable than my laptop, which stays in clam-shell, any way. And with but one or two exceptions, the iPad runs all software I’ve previously purchased for my iMac and MacBook Pro.

I want to see if the iPad is a true productivity device. It’s already a wonderful consumer device. Will a dedicated iPad iOS allow enough file management and workflow integration to produce, say, a work of bad fiction. Or at the very least, to gather, collate, and then share, back and forth, with “other” devices the necessary documents that will allow one to make a fool of one’s self. I sure as hell hope so. Write on!

Now after my humble brag of wrangling a MacBook Pro and an iMac, you may be surprised to know that I don’t have, have never had a cellphone. So while Snz has an iPhone, I’m more than ignorant of iOS. And recall, I mentioned that the iPad iOS is a software fork of the Apple Phone iOS. So it’s all geek to me.

Which is not to say this is my first time using an iPad. I still have a second gen that I played around with damn near a decade ago, declaring the device a baby stepping seed of an idea, a back forty or so removed from any serious consideration of germination. I mean, how can you have a computer without a file system. I mean it’s my understanding, that back in the day, every thing saved locally on an iPad was ushered into the photos file. So….

The file system on an iPad is an afterthought. That understanding or misconception is holding me back from investing the time needed to make the device my own. Because my “own” devices are not allowed to save everything to the cloud.

But you can now create your own file system, in this afterthought of a computational file system device. And you can use a mouse. And I hear you can work WordPress through a standard browser window. And kick the system’s butt via keyboard. And I’ve done some of that already. But in the week I’ve been touring, the new operating system has proved buggy. ( to be expected) But overall, I’m really impressed, but far away from making the device my own.





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