Gaming Out A Book

I’ve no aptitude for gratitude that fits my current attitude.  Afraid so, and certainly a true fact, given seventy years old is now but months away. And the damn stroke nearly broke whatever reservoir of sprit I had managed to bank in that three score and ten.

But happy days are just around the corner, as the future, for me, portends a fat ass and fast, as now the day is long, gaming PC. I’m talking multi-core, liquid cooled, RGBx32 rammed, with a monitor the size of Rhode Island.  I’m talking custom keyboard, and programmable mouse, and some Logitech G560 speakers. All about da lights, boys and girls.

Overclocking an i9 and all mine. And all to write a book, Bunkie. That’s right, an entertainment, a fiction, a thriller about spies and spying and what those alphabets do in your name.

And it’s a little back to the future for me, as I’ve gotten a little too comfortable in this Apple ecosystem and a return to Wintel might spark some creativity, and a chance to run old but newly updated submarine sims in real time, while composing that epic on an Apple.

It’s bite the bullet time, kiddies.


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