Two Poems In Search Of A Pardon

Filigree and Ink, I Ain’t

Bought an E-book
of Thug Lit
in a fit
of a search
to perch
and perhaps
some sub-genre

but the Warden
of my many weaknesses,

you have no pen
for romance


Line by line
to pronounce and parse…

Yes, but.
I read not, the poem,
I overhear the poet

a colloquy of an unconscious conspiracy,
I suspect…
This semi-scripted eavesdrop

a listen in,
to a well routed happenstance,


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  1. Bill says:

    You have mastered the art or craft of word selection and order. Enjoyed them both.

    1. r.douglas says:

      kind words…high praise…Bill…thanks much.

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