Banana Stand Holder or Banana Holder Stand In The Ugly Rug Room

I’m not dogging Desktop Set-Up culture. I think it great for creatives as well as gamers. Young and old, the timid or bold. It’s the Marie Kondo of every bit and byte in place. It’s a good thing. And if you practice it down to wire management then machine maintenance is a given, and a pride in what you are doing always dusted off. And it’s problem solving.

But there is one obligatory Desktop Set-Up thing I’ve left out of my previous post. A banana stand holder. See picture below. This area is to the right and rear of my main desk. It’s a small room.

To the right of that baby iMac hangs my semi-proffessinal headphones. Another Christmas gift from SNZ. And I ain’t giving ‘em back. Although she did give me back that banana holder stand that I spied and gifted her for no other reason than she being a potassium fan. So I adopted and repurposed, yet lost desktop cred due to proximity. Yes, headphones and a holder be a must.

As I write, and it’s on that baby iMac, I’m hunt and pecking on an aftermarket under 20 buck keyboard and ready for this, point and clicking with a three dollar USB rodent. And all riding on an Ikea dual foot locker red metal thing that helps pull this ugly rug room, AKA, my office together.

Now for those who don’t know, I grew up in froster homes and an orphanage and SNZ has always allowed me to work out that no room of one’s own as a kid syndrome…even close to now seventy years young…but this incarnation didn’t begin with any prolonged and unresolved teenage angst.

The esthetic is the result of overpriced desk chair runners. The adult concern of protecting hardwood floors from the wheels of a swiveling, rolling, office chair. And somehow said search lead to said ugly rug. A red and black and white and gray absurd abstract thing, of the this is so hip school of so help me God. A heavenly weave of swirl and swill. This is a sign, said I, a motley mash-up of mid-american modern by way of one of the baby dragon’s take on American maximalism.


Now the art hanging, for the most part, is but place holding. I think the Shahn works, and the oil portrait below and to the right has a great backstory. And while literally 1000’s of people offered to purchase the painting, the artist never sold it. He gifted it.

The House Beautiful October 1935 is a print to canvas that I ordered because I’ve devopled an interest in that process. In fact this past Friday, after days of researching on-line print to canvas concerns, I uploaded two digital pictures of my own taking to one such on-line vendor.

Shiloh In the Snow 38 KB

The photos I chose were  purposefully pixel poor. I opted for what they claimed to be their most popular size, something huge like 16 inch by whatever. All this to test communication, quality, and the turnaround time of the process.

And two photos allowed me to try different up-sell offerings like framing, and backings, and even hanging options.

Now, other print to canvas concerns state on their sites that if one’s uploaded photo wasn’t technically up to snuff to do the photo justice, the company would advise ASAP, or within 48 hours.

That made total sense to me. But the store I picked gave no such disclaimer or caution, and  maybe that’s why they caught my eye, and I remarked to Snz we’d be hearing from these pixel pushers presently, because there is just no way to connect the dots here. Not those pixels, not at that size.

Didn’t hear a word until yesterday. Guess what. Happy to inform you your product has shipped. They will arrive by Friday. If these folks have even half way pulled this off, I’ve gotta know the algorithms their running.


    1. Yeah thanks, it is sweet, but I need to just turn that chair and pound on that MacBook Pro. But new laps always scare me. Good to hear from you.

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