With each letter I key
I’m fighting this stroke
a mini-stroke, in a larger font
and if not in ALL CAPS then

My left hand feels distant,
a rural reach, and my speech
would impeach but I go quiet. ( here’s hoping)

And my dog knows the hitch in my giddy-up,
the improvisational stride of my gait, so I can
wait 48 to see my physician about a condition
he can’t cure… but… maybe abate.


Look. This is not a plea, an emergency, nor woe is me, I have dealt with these episodes for decades. And as I’ve recently mentioned, I’m but days away from three score and ten, so these things are to be expected.

And in other news. Seems I’ve lost the house over/under in how long before leaks of the “Mueller Report” would appear in the NYT, WAPO, or Lawfare. I set four and a half hours. SNZ took the over. She won. She is a lawyer. And my heart.

That’s SNZ in the above graphic.

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