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Between you, me, and Stormy Daniels it’s a ménage à trois of mashugana out there. And through all the merry of the moment this site sits gathering digital dust.

Must I chronicle these contemptuous times? Is it a failure of character to not do so? It’s as if my golden years will be time stamped with tarnish either way. A pronounced paying of the Piper that leads only to a bankruptcy of a decades old vested interest in American political understandings.

All the books purchased and read. All the column inches of commentary consumed. All the effort to be ecumenical in civic deciphering to better, and more fairly, crack our pluralistic code.

From Hayek to Hamilton, from neo-cons to know-nothings, from Kirk to Kennedy, Buckley to Bernie Sanders, and from Calhoun to the current buffoon, it all sums to a ride that has only lead to a detour of our democracy. A rerouting of our republic.

I have a question. Is a national “political economy” even possible within a “laissez-faire” global economy, and if not, is the American experiment of self governance, by and for the people, over?

Semi-Pro Tip.

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I’m spry yet retired. I reside in the inner city of a major metropolitan area of the United States. I read politics. I watch baseball. I hum along with the tune. I June swoon, and moon the bad poem. Post here, are old and new. Opinions are my very own, except when wrong.

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