A Platform Specific Poem

like “Likes” here in their latency to
appear, I fear a script writ in conflict

I’d wait out what hesitates and remain
mute to the matter, but my patter speaks
to the time sensitive, especially now.

And breaking news, note no CAPS, a first
pitch in a delay, as the Cubs return home
to a sudden spring snow that has appeared
for opening day.

But, I’ll be in the know, as Facebook is
to show, just how much of my info,
escaped to flow, within the environs of
“The Big Bear.”

But what do I care, when here… Those “Likes”
in their latency, can fail to appear.

Oh Dear. Can ya fix it.

for day 9 2018 NaProWriMo  pure doggerel

* that latency problem regarding “likes” does exist… it’s not browser or theme specific…I’m working it.

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