Cosmopolitan Pretensions Or Chow Down On The Doggerel

in Poetry

I can’t cartoon
or map Brigadoon
or design a kitten heel
primed for cocktails come afternoon
buy hey, you cute and curvy click bait
you..yes you, with your voluptuous caché
where doggerel’s trained to sit and stay
for your top down feed to clear the way
as you only and only on your say, is the
doggerel allowed to scamper

*the sky will hue azure I’m sure, but my bark begins with a puppy poem … day one of NaProWriMo 2018

I’m spry yet retired. I reside in the inner city of a major metropolitan area of the United States. I read politics. I watch baseball. I hum along with the tune. I June swoon, and moon the bad poem. Post here, are old and new. Opinions are my very own, except when wrong.

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