American politics has moved beyound a parody of populism, downshifting to pass any antiparty paradigm, to then parallel park in a republic that has chosen to punish all, “we the people” democracy.”

To further traffic in analogies;

Last night’s State Of The Union address was, to “one person, one vote”, what a Rolex is to a Timex. Both will tell the time, but most likely, in different worlds.

But the true tick tock is Mr. Trump is just a tool, to fool some of the people all of the time, and cower as many people as he can as often as possible. Politically punishing the demos.

Think for a minute.

Capitalist markets are made, measured, or broken, by an aggregate of individual choices. Right? The wisdom of the crowd.

Think for two minutes. Add this up.

1 We the people.
2 One person, one vote.
3 The wisdom of the crowd.

1+2=3. Right! Or Left?

But forever, there have been forces, economic forces, who see any political equation, that sums by way of utilizing the wisdom of the crowd, as an anathema to collective economic freedom, and individual liberty.

How could this dichotomy be?. You tell me.

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7 thoughts on “VALET PARKING”

  1. Ah….but we’re a republic, not a democracy….we elect others to vote for us….how does this effect the math


    1. I must have posted 50 times here, that we live in a republic, not a democracy, and that one should participate in self governance with that in mind. To vote strategically and understand the political tactics needed in a democratic republic as apposed to a plebiscite.

      It doesn’t make any difference, people believe what they choose to believe… what they want.

      Which is why we have had two minority elected presidents in the last three open general election cycles.

      People tell me they use “democracy” as short hand….so I want them to use their fingers and thumbs to count how many ways the nation is not a democracy… the above is just one of them. So yes, there is math, but the bigger problem, is a mindset.

      Thanks so much. I appreciate it.

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