T-8-capThis theme, while spic and span clean, needs more damn CSS fixes than lines of code in a hedge fund algorithm. But what me worry.

Just yesterday, someone cautioned me about all these widgets and all the other crap, while swearing that’s it all about, and only about, the words.

Sounds swell. But hell, here’s my philosophy, I’m a big fan of the Drop Cap. To me, the drop cap is not just decorative, and declarative. For me, the drop cap can portend a post’s destiny.

That’s a bit dramatic, but consider. The drop cap’s graphical lift gives weight to my understanding that prose is a parade that can quickly get out of step. And that there are rules to better ensure that all can 1,2,3,4 and march to a certain point together.

So, I use the drop cap as a traffic cop. An anomaly to cue my limited literary line editing eye. A spy to shoofly those stray misdemeanors, and minor infractions that muddle the thought, and betray the post.

So thanks, from your host of this semi-ghosted site.

And, it really is all about the WORDS



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