Step Right Up.. Just One 10th of a Dollar.

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Yes, let’s have another story about how best to massage your personal brand. How to monetize the particulars of your personality and capitalize on the specifics of your skill set, or lack thereof.


Let’s learn how to parlay what makes you unique and Barnum and Bailey your way to the bank. That’s right, because you’re aware it’s one big cultural circus out there. And all of life flows downstream from popular culture, and God knows that you are a man, a woman, of the people.

Maybe you should run for public office. You have followers on Instagram. And why not come high or stay home. How better to raise your profile to roam within the public consciousness. So, let’s conflate just folks, and their kitchen table concerns with your innate grasp of what’s Now.

B-3-capBesides you almost get that end of history argument. And isn’t that still a thing. And if true, you sure as hell need to get yours, while income inequality is still hip and trending.

And the BOMB, and the ghost of Stalin, and that Auschwitz place is just so much World War Then, and besides what’s the worst that could happen on that Korea peninsula…the total collapse of K-Pop.

And now for that fallback. The win, win. You being you will have become a commodity. A household name. A face that all can place. A brand. And even if you lose the election, you can best believe you’ll be able to high profile and commercially bitch about it, and for decades,  all the way to the bank.

We was robbed.

Not MAGA. Moo America. More branding. Because we’re all culture cattle now.

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