Read The Whole Book?

If you think an algorithm is an equation, you best get the hell off the World Wide Web right now.

On the top down feed provided by this parasitic press, I spy and read post about American politics by people who readily confess they don’t enjoy, nor read, non-fiction books.

How could that be? Why do I read and often enjoy their efforts, even after they’ve copped to such an incongruity. Different stokes.

But here’s hoping that they are aware that their Facebook feed is but a test kitchen recipe concocted to sweet and sour. To fire the taste buds of cozy and confrontation simultaneously. An order of comfort food followed by a helping of outrage. A digital skin-pop of sugar and spice leading to the bit and byte of a program digital “Jones.” An addictive addition that sums up but the corporate proof of a ballooning bottom line.

So read a damn non-fiction effort. Even if it is, just a timely polemic. Here

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