The Blog Is Dead. Long Live The CMS.

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The Blog Is Dead. Long Live The CMS.

From The NYT December 8, 2017.

This Blog, R.I.P.

“I was apparently the first blogger for The New York Times, most recently using this “on the ground” space for my own ruminations and those of others. But this technology platform is no longer going to be maintained, and we’ve decided that the world has moved on from blogs — so this is the last post here.”


Who gives a by-line what That Old Gray Lady says about the viability of blogging. A post by any other name… can still hit that sweet spot. But nomenclature can, and does, envelope a missive, and muddle the message, shift the target, and make a bullseye appear bullshit.

Which is why, for years, I’ve argued that the (weblog) blog, used as a noun or verb, is a hideous handle that handicaps, from the get go, those who choose to publicly share their efforts or interest on what has become a world wide electronic public square.

Stop blogging. A weblog was a technical innovation. A top down bit and byte sandwich board, broadsheet, sketchpad, post it note, bulletin board, photo album, refrigerator magnet.

Stop blogging. Write, poem, fashion, snapshot, or sing. And share, what you care to. But stop blogging. Blogging is over. And blogging is piecework.

So, go manage all your content. And do so, basically, however you may like. Because, know it or not, WordPress hasn’t really been a blogging platform for years. WordPress is a Content Management System. (CMS) A place to catalogue creatively all you choose to share in that world wide public square. Be hip. Stop blogging.

O.K. Crap. Forget about a back catalogue, or that public square. Most won’t care about what you posted last week, or God knows, last year. And top down feeds don’t help. What have you done for me lately, is the only law of the internet.

I want you to stop thinking that what you’re doing when you are sharing an interest or artistic effort is just “composing a blog entry.” Don’t let the medium be the message. So the takeaway here? If someone asked if you have a blog, where you post all your little poems or other heartfelt sundries. Tell ‘em, hell no. Tell them, you’ve got a little Content Management System you’ve been working.

Nuff preachin’.

Oh. I’m not involved with WordPress. I just use it.

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