Semi-Cozy Mystery…Seriously.

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My bad poeming days are finally fini. At least I’ve publicly shared my last. Hip Hip!

And now it’s on to sham some silly shilly-shally genre fiction. I’m thinking some semi-cozy mystery confection would be sugar-tit simple, and sweeten, if not temper, my increasing dotage.

I was on a full and personally equalized sentimental journey.

And, as to better facilitate this new direction of yet another failed attempt at a late in life literary breakthrough, I’ve begun amassing tools for the old fool.

The first being Boom 2. A piece of software shinola that swore to enhance the audio system of my Macbook Pro and enhance those highly compressed Spotify Guy Lombardo, Lawerence Welk, and Hall and Oates playlist that I will most assuredly first draft to.

Loaded it last night, and after a bit of a configure it was kicking the ass of my semi-studio quality earphones, and I was on a full and personally equalized sentimental journey.

I’m also updating Movie Outline 3 to it’s new incarnation…Script Studio, with it’s evolved novel writing component. And StoryO2 is in play for down and dirty plot development. Then, Save The Cat for structure, all my old Mariner software tools, and some quick fix trinkets like, Plotline 2, Scapple (mind mapping), Subplot, and Story Planner. Main writing takes place in Ulysses and then port all of the mess into Scrivener.

We shall see.

(Oh, I’m not affiliated in any way with the hardware or software mentioned here.)

Pen Name Coming Soon

8 Replies to “Semi-Cozy Mystery…Seriously.”

  1. Anyone that can kick ass and also”compress” Guy Lombardo & Lawrence Welk can’t be all bad. I’m not sure about Welk, but I bet Lombardo would be proud of this (word) association. – Marty


  2. What would be a good relatively low priced script writing program? I used to have one years ago but it’s outdated and I don’t recall it’s name. Thanks.

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