Isn’t There Some App Named Kitsch Starter?

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Is the cozy mystery just an exercise in a narrative hunt for a killer down a garden path of genre lit by a lava lamp of kitsch. A shine on of Sherlock. A Poe man in bankrupt irony. The aggregate of Dame Agatha in the drawing room with a bevy of butlers.

Please stop. If we’re talking kitsch make it count. Because maybe we’re in the Golden Age Of Kitsch, kinda…as suggested below:

“A high culture is the self-consciousness of a society. It contains the works of art, literature, scholarship and philosophy that establish a shared frame of reference among educated people. High culture is a precarious achievement, and endures only if it is underpinned by a sense of tradition, and by a broad endorsement of the surrounding social norms. When those things evaporate, as inevitably happens, high culture is superseded by a culture of fakes.”

“Faking depends on a measure of complicity between the perpetrator and the victim, who together conspire to believe what they don’t believe and to feel what they are incapable of feeling. There are fake beliefs, fake opinions, fake kinds of expertise. There is also fake emotion, which comes about when people debase the forms and the language in which true feeling can take root, so that they are no longer fully aware of the difference between the true and the false. Kitsch is one very important example of this. The kitsch work of art is not a response to the real world, but a fabrication designed to replace it. Yet both producer and consumer conspire to persuade each other that what they feel in and through the kitsch work of art is something deep, important and real.”

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3 Replies to “Isn’t There Some App Named Kitsch Starter?”

    1. Hey,

      I also enjoy kitsch for kitsch sake but feel many are making a faith out of it. This post, given the previous one, was to back door a discussion about, God help us all, intellectual honesty.

      If someone had chosen to click through to the quoted and linked post…and stats suggest that didn’t happen, they would have found an interesting take on second and third generation French Theory and how structuralism and deconstruction has found us having to debate today’s Kirkus review problem. As a writer working on a novel, I’m sure you’d have a thought or two on that Kirkus review thing.

      That Kirkus kerfuffle by way of NYRB.


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