O-2-capOf course this was news of the day driven. And sorta a swipe at the modern fundamental  right who sudden started touting that “sermon on the amount” when they used to be concerned with a “political” economy. A history of co-option here. (Read soul selling…short selling.) Or just enjoy the pacing.

Exemplar With A Due Date

I’ve out-sourced
the well being
of my immortal
to a Bible
in Biloxi

She Church goes Bible Studies
beseeches petitions
hand- wrings
Psalm sings
refrains from vice
dice rock and roll
dancing and ogling
sisters in the city
come spring

And all in my name
for decades and with guarantee
this Bible
in Biloxi
initially billed me
about a year ago
now a missive
just this morning
she will charge me
for the care
and concern
of my immortal

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