No Best Practice Posting Here

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This is a phantom of a post that threatens to give up the ghost each April when the money comes due. But it’s not that paltry payment deducted from a now fixed income that gives me pause and has me balking at the keep on-keeping on.

It’s the one-armed bandit nature of the addictive design of the platform that relegates recent post to a netherworld of never mind, while making the “like” a cherry and a comment…three across. The bit and byte boardwalk barker of everyone’s a winner.

But actually, it’s me. I don’t do blogging best practices. I don’t purposely write to end a post with a hook, line, and sinker question. I don’t comment just to the writer of a post, I comment to the thread.

And my most venal sin: I post poetry and politics, the fluff of flash fiction, and mind numbing prose poems to mine the possibility of those who would care to wordplay back.

I’m a hack.

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