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You lose the argument concerning “identity politics” when you note the former and long standing de facto motto of these United States was “E pluribus unum’ …Well, the quintessential act of “identity politics” in the history of this nation was the codification by law of “In God We Trust” as the official motto of this Nation. And you most likely know that happened in 1956.  Just yesterday.

target1It was a political expediency that reeked of shortsighted fear and long term marketing strategy. Damn the Commies, and those mADmen. And maybe the first amendment, but never mind, because there are dollars to be had, and careers made if one has the balls to play to a base going all duck and cover dizzy while apt to see a black and white face of Jesus materialize in the mushroom cloud of some  Saturday Night picture show newsreel depiction of hydrogen hijinks happening high above some hapless Pacific atoll.

Yet, there was a price to pay as POTUS Dwight D alluded to in his farewell address, but we were already wearing fatigues in Saigon, and sprucing up to spring soon the camouflage that conflated communism with a nation-state in the mist of a home-grown civil war.

rocket1And I can whore all this right up to AG Ashcroft and the Patriot Act. Including those, who today, want to play chicks versus dicks, as if it’s the the tools that make the carpenter. ( Howdy Jesus)

And in suggesting that it’s the utility of one’s plumbing being the most mindful and objective… the be all to end all, well that certainly cuts against my “objective” and hard learned heterosexual understanding… that it’s best not to think with one’s dick.

So, those who would argue that “gender junk” is a given…the dead end of the debate, the death of the Republic, all the while flashing some grifter’s fold of “E pluribus unum“ to prove their point, then remind them of the flip side of the Great Seal Of The United States….and there they will find ”Annuit cœptis.“

“[he/she/it] favors our undertakings”

OK. So far we have, ”One out of many, “[he/she/it] favors our undertakings”…and there is a third.

But y’all do your own schoolin.’

See ya and thanks.

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