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Your post and your readers’ comments are what’s magical here, Coleman. Technology is just a tool. And in fact most of us have grown up with all of them. The post office, the typewriter, the telephone, the radio, television, and the transistor. Text, audio, video, and application minimization. The toggle- this- then- that-truth is, it’s market making using last centuries technologies while making us all feel that we’re living in some enlightened new.

Just look-up how the stock market responds to companies pimping “Blockchain” technology. It’s akin to a tulip bubble. And autonomous car technology, just think how much that will change the centuries old insurance industry. That will remake a market.

The point here is that if one were living seventy years ago, you could still turn on electric lights, make a phone call or send a telegram to your mom, listen to music or the news in the comfort of your home, open the refrigerator, turn on central heat, bath in a tub of instant hot water, and then go to the picture show.

But just seventy years before that, for the most part, your day to day would be void of any of those devices and existence would feel much the same as relatives from the middle ages.

Computer tech is just a reworking of the old stuff to continue necessary economic growth. And those smug little pricks who feel that “woman of a certain age” are just a pain in the ass of this New Brave World of the bit and byte have a rude awakening coming. They are not the cutting edge of anything new. They were born to renovate the existing tech developed by their great to great grand parents. They will live and die centuries away from any era of equal innovation. They think their magic. There just minders.

Nice post Ann.

Ann Coleman is a fine writer. Her site and the post that prompted this reply here.

And my chicken-shit chicken scratch reply was informed by the recent book, The Rise and Fall Of American Growth. Here’s Paul Krugman review of said same.

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