She claims she romanced her way into a bad marriage,
a self seduction of an ontological orgy of nuptials

Sure, irony still gets me off, she mused, but a believe
in myth is the new climax, and this sleeping beauty is
now wide-a-woke.

And the French ha ha about the little death, when
extinction is the new foreplay, and say hey anyway,
Reason is the old pornography.

I finished John Le Carré’s Legacy Of Spies.

A summing of the Smiley works and back plotting The Spy Who Came In From The Cold. I enjoyed the prose but, the moral efficacy of Leamas thrashing the innocent grocer to leave a blood trail for the Soviet spy hounds received short shift. But maybe that’s just a first read take on a multiplex moral conundrum.

Found this interesting. A polling of the audience pre-debate found 25 percent undecided.

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