Some pollen transferring bumblebee bastard just stung me. More precisely… mark the time of the perforation about an hour ago. And now swelling has begun below my lip.

So. That rates a post? I don’t know.

But no more than two hours previously, Snz had spied a different discharge drone that had landed on my shirt collar and in her sudden shoofly she inadvertently caused that critter’s demise.

Which brings me to; I’m not sure if there is good Karma and or bad Karma, but I am certain that there is piss-poor timing and that which is providential.

Wait. Before you ponder paragraph four’s sophism, let the truth be told. Know that Snz on purpose, willfully, and with malice took out that flying and gently toxic trespasser. Straight up insecticide to any flying interloper in her kitchen.

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