Slow Walk The Fast Talk.

Trump is not going to tumble. It’s to be a slow walk stumble bumble of hem and haw and political throat clearing before we are out of these woods. If ever.

The forest for the trees will fog the facts, and partisans will hide and seek any hard evidence that runs counter to their ideological conceits. And the measure of each messenger will be minutely taken to best tailor an appropriate chopping block.

That said, there will be no cut to the chase. No matter the number or volume of a citizen’s chorus. The powers that be, will bore us. Because that’s how they maintain power. And that is what Donald doesn’t understand.

Trump as a personality was a desirable public distraction from the day to day sausage making that feeds a democracy. But The Donald as President threatens to gut the necessary anonymity of those interest at the public trough. For Mr. Trump’s administration has become “The” bread and circuses. A must see disaster; walking, talking, tweeting click bait of on-line over exposure, and increasing eyeballs on the 24/7 MSN outlets. Oops…the people are actually  reading the Op-Ed page. Can’t have that.

As that could lead to an outing of how the blessings of your republic are really divvied up. So of course that means, Donald must go down. But they’ll take their own sweet time.

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