Both Sites Being A Mess

Gave the platform provider some pesos for one last year of premium here. It was a close call, as posting feels small in this era of politics writ large.

And with that big buck expenditure, I’m goin’ whole hog for this last hurrah, opening that draft pen to let all previous post free range. So presently, errors abound; but I really don’t care. I’ll fix ‘em presently. Or not.

But the real pain, in my last year of public posting plan, is my second site. In awaiting a template update I jumped the gun;

Go Configure

So in updating the base platform and moving all to “SSL” I misconfigured the “CDN” which produced a bevy of redirects which makes me an idiot, irrespective that the error is not uncommon. Now fixed, I’m still flummoxed, as the reality of those fast approaching three score and ten offers little comfort. If only that Squarespace platform still served.

Enough of the housekeeping. Here’s some of my today scribbles from other scratch pads.

It’s not the 3rd rate international spy story, it’s the 15th bungled attempt at a cover-up.

Partying at night in Georgetown, then reading “WoodStein” at Peoples Drug, Dupont Circle. Happy Days.

Alleged Russian dealings aside, the real existential threat of the current POTUS is his refusal to appreciate and accept the push/pull pluralistic nature embedded in our American democratic experiment. He sees any and all opposition to his worldview and any political understandings that he may hold, as solely… pushback by “the enemy.”

Given that now, any tin horn tyrant with a digital terminal can throw shit into an open society’s election scheme, let’s give existing institutions a shot at shutting all that down. And instituting a common defense.

What we don’t need is, when the polls close, the tally announced, and any recounts conclusive, the losing party feels obligated to demand a special counsel.

An independent prosecutor should always be a last resort.


You Know You Want To Opine

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