This Non-Virgule One Is About 70

This Non-Virgule One Is About 70

Equilibrium now AWOL; It’s all’s a pageant of petty irritants 
setting a course throughout my day. To parade previous stumbling blocks in cool review of six decades of the sure footed and high stepping, only to be humbled and hobbled by a drilling of harlequin heuristics. A seminary for turning Seventy, that I can’t pass, and would prefer to skip.

I guess I should hustle up all the changes this site, so as to better post a new  collection of 19 to 26  run on sentences during the coming cruelest month. A poem a day for April.

And the way things be goin’, could be as many as fifty or as few as five. As I’m jive with the alliteration.



You Know You Want To Opine

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