Gimmick Bets. And Their Off.

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I will watch, but hopefully not be adsorbed by the news.

What could be new. I’ve lived long enough to sum that rerun and recycle rule. And, as if any era actually adds up, what does this present suggest but for a re-working of same.

Excepting that pace has picked up as the gift of global networking has locked downed our collective isolation in time and space via portable Social Media. The tangible “Commons” run through with weeds, as we come together without the mess of a physical meeting or even a nod of greeting in the forever and pristine “Cloud.”

Trump build his tribe by way of Twitter and narrowband rantings that garnered ratings by primary rehashing the clash of Might versus Modernity that has muzzled progress since year number one of the last damn century.

And it’s a fiction to think it will soon get any better.

So in my sunset years scenario, I’d rather surprise than sweat out how all this revanchist and political make-believe of the moment plays out. They of course, have their fictions. And me, mine.

But my yarns portend no electoral or governing consequences.

They are stories simply meant to entertain. I’d rather spiel, to the sky alone, some poorly spun narratives of shopworn tales taken to permanent residency within that ever cataloging “Cloud,” than to give a corn kernel of energy to parse, even for a moment, the previous century’s political horse shit that’s being bit and byte refurbished and rapidly shoveled our way.

Hey, I’ll muck my way through. Hoping you do too.

And, most likely something super egregious will ensue, demanding I take the bait.


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