Can You Believe I’ve Been Reading Ward Just.

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I have no tactics to offer, no strategic song to sing and I bring no bling or ring a ding ding as a community organizer, but I can chorus and sample those touting specific examples of their ample understanding of West Wing workings and the righteous wonkings of appropriate metaphor and scenario needed to local yokel the narrative needed to shepherd our new nativist leanings through sub-committee x concerning pressing concern z.

With no thought brought @ tall given to the Y.

And ain’t it all tom tom thumbs auto-tuned to the Twitter tribal sly dog pounding any with interest in the details.

And PS and Praise be. We don’t need no stinking PDB, until Monday noon …’cause Kim Jong-un and his ballistic missile crew are big fans of marching parades. And I’m sure he’ll loop the DJ’s inaugural cavalcade on State run TV throughout the long weekend.


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