The problem with writing a hard boiled PI story with political overtones, is the american private dick genre suggest the individual develop a all knowing ironic distance from those collective and corrupt mean streets.

While the protagonist may be equipped to remain honest and true arrow, any popular mass pushback is by necessity off target. The polloi are always subject, and will fall prey to consumerism of the current, no matter how double-dealing the dollars may be. The colonies are always on the capitalist make. Go boom! Go bust!

Cozy and jolly old England, by contrast, wants their dirty deeds discovered and set right to return equilibrium back to a highly structured status quo, and often sans the dough.

Take two motives for the murder of a scientist, working in 1957 on the birth control pill. The last bit of hocus-pocus is about to be sprinkled and good times are about to roll(?), when the scientist is offed and that final secret ingredient goes missing. Who done it?

The corporate bad guy who see’s a bevy of bikinis on his yacht and much cold cash in a Swiss bank. Or.

The Rector (preacher) of a religious order who feels that Hell will open as all those legs spread, and besides, we’ll need as many strong babies as possible to war against the godless Soviet.

My fear of the american PI genre is that that ironic distance, and lack of political agency sees motive one as understandable, real American. While motive two is just straight up crazy. One religious quack whacking some medical quack, and down these mean streets I know when to detour.

Now back to my Camel non-filter.

cheating the contemporary with a repost.

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