On my about page I admit to being an autodidact. In doing so, I’m licensed to share an old, if somewhat sad joke.

Name a word that a self-educated person isn’t familiar with? Autodidact.

Another truism of being an autodidact is when refreshed with a new or deeper understanding about a discipline or subject matter that has captured their interest, the self taught …love…make that must..let’s stay with… love, to share. And I readily admit, given the premise, I play to type.

Oh how sweet, but now let me share a dark conceit. Because of my low-rung bottom line formal eight-grade education I felt that I was Top Hat and Tails above all the brown shoe so whats of been schooled-done that, until I understood that after graduating with whichever degree, each of us will live the majority of our adult lives, for better or worse, as an autodidact.

As a cultural, economic, and political aside, consider a people in which the majority felt that getting that sheepskin might make them secure and content but equally more cautious and aware of having acquired just enough of a skill set to be made ripe for a shearing.

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