And Another Damn Mouse Dropping.

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My last attempt at quitting smoking lasted all of nineteen days. And this current effort is but three days away from the length of that piss poor cowardly and total surrender.

So I’ve been making war on themes. Configure this, quit that, toggle this, slap it up, take it down, and try another. New content. Are you kidding. Poem or prose or political posturing ain’t about blowing smoke. Or maybe it is?

And the polar vortex is chilling my commitment. Minus one degree is the projected high temperature Sunday when the Packers and Bears kickoff another Monsters Of The Midway meaningless football game. And snow? For Sure. Tonight. Tomorrow. So there.

But there’s “good” news. Seems rank and file GOP voters are warming up to President Putin. A recent poll has over a third of Republicans now saying the former KGB Chief be peachy by them.

WTF? That little tidbit of general knowledge and information is worth 30 or so class A American cigarettes during a single news cycle alone.

Time for the first bourbon of the night. And then, maybe a theme swap or two. And of course, another damn mouse dropping of a 4mg nicotine lozenge.

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